Our Year in Review

As four friends in the thick of an unusual year, we decided to start Minneschlagen. Before we jump into it, we want to start with what is most important to us and that is a heartfelt thank you to all of those who have supported us and got us to where we are today. Alex, Haley, Taylor, Loren, Emily, Ottawa, Rick, Jim, our families and numerous friends from across the map, we are thankful for your help and partnership, feedback and support! We are just getting started but we know with you all as partners and schlagers, we can accomplish great things! 

2020: We have planted nearly 1,000 trees in just 6 short months, we have sold out week to week throughout the holiday season, we have over 1,050 Facebook followers and 250+ on Instagram, we have been featured in the Star Tribune and KROXAM (Crookston, MN). We have shipped to 21 states with inquiries from 27. We have given away an estimated 2,443 koozies! We have generated a buzz in learning what schlaging, schlag, Schlager and Minneschlagen is (future blog post: Minneschlagen definitions so you can add them to your daily vocab). We highly encourage you all to schubstitute any word that schtarts with “s” with “sch”; it will change your life in a very good way. 

Behind the scenes, we have converted our living room into a warehouse, family room into a shipping and receiving station, and of course strategically turned our garage into an assembly facility (with the garage wide open even during the frigid temps to pique the interest of neighbors word of mouth is the best advertising!). We have turned “normal” bonfires and get togethers into strategy sessions and talks of how we can improve and continue to build the brand. We have built what we to believe a very cool product with the goal of building a national brand. 

What is coming in 2021? Although we will keep some of our plans close to the vest until formal announcements, we can tell you that the Minneschlagen Wisconsin state outline will be available soon, the Crookston Pirate Minneschlagen will be available next month (plans of more high school partnerships in the works), we will continue to build community partnerships and of course will continue the bonfires, get togethers and strategy discussions to build the Minneschlagen brand. 

Thank You fellow Schlagers! Schlag On! 

Allison, Danielle, Matt and Michael 

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