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Minneschlagen is a new game gaining popularity around the country that got its start in June thanks to the ingenuity of two couples with Crookston roots. The game features a log, a hammer, nails, and lots of fun.

Nicholas said he thinks being shut-in due to COVID-19, along with support from their hometown helped Minneschlagen sell out of its original stock just days after launching.  “I think a really big part of it was COVID,” said Nicholas. “In March, when we were all trapped indoors, had nights and weekends where we weren’t chasing around, it was like, let’s get this going and see if we can turn something into it. We did a soft launch in June. We had about 80 of them built and saw great support from Crookston. That was super exciting for us. Facebook was the only place we really announced it and sold out in six days.”

Following the initial success, Nicholas said they regrouped for a relaunch in October while still selling a small number of games in the months ahead.  The recent relaunch sold out last week with sales in 21 states, including one rather well-known customer. “We sent one off to Jimmy Fallon,” said Nicholas. “Excited to see what that one turns into. It could be for the family. I know he has quite an eclectic home, and I think the Minneschlagen would be a great fit for the home. I’m not sure how many people tuned in (to The Tonight Show) during the pandemic, but you were in his home, in his garage, and out for walks. That could be the case, just a family set. But hoping it turns into a little more than that and gives us a call to tell us we can Zoom in to be on the show or something like that would be amazing.”

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