Sustainability Initiatives

Minneschlagen was born in the great northern Minnesota forest out of a love for enjoying time with friends outdoors. That great forest has generously provided us both the backdrop for countless memories and the natural resources (wood) to make our game and we believe it is important to respect those resources and do our part to ensure that they are around for generations of ‘schlagers’ to come. This is why we are committed to both our No Log Left Behind Promise and our Seed-to-Seed Initiative. 


All of our schlags (logs) are sourced in Minnesota of classic varieties, including Maple, Oak, and Poplar. Our schlags are beautiful, they come in many shapes and sizes and our goal is to ensure that they all find a home and that we waste zero playable logs. Though the schlag in your Minneschlagen set may differ from what you see pictured on the website, we promise it will be beautiful, 100% playable, sourced entirely in Minnesota, and completely unique and perfect in its imperfection.



We plant a tree for every Minneschlagen set sold.

The great Minnesota forest has provided us with so much. We want to give back and ensure that future generations are able to enjoy the great outdoors while playing a game of Minneschlagen.