Friends become Partners, Partners become Friends

In business you often hear the term vendors. At Minneschlagen, we don't work with vendors, we work with partners. What's the difference you may ask. The difference for us is we have been incredibly fortunate over the last year to find partners that have gone above and beyond for us and care about our success. They share in our excitement of being a startup with a unique product. We work with some awesome people. 

One of the most recent examples is Threefold, the video productions company that created our latest video with Mr. Taul Funman. From the first conversation with Threefold, we know we had to partner with them. They brought energy and excitement, creativity and professionalism. We couldn't be happier with how the project turned out and are grateful for Threefold as friends and partners! We continue to get asked about who created the video? Who wrote the script? Who created the stage presence? It was all Threefold! They are top notch and beyond talented!

And since you all have been asking... Yes, more from Taul Funman coming soon!

Schlag on fellow schlagers!

*If you are looking for a video productions company who will go above and beyond for you, be sure and check them out! You will not be disappointed!

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