Haters Gonna Hate, Schlagers Gonna Schlag

Before we dive into this fun blog post, we want to first give a shoutout to our supporters and fellow schlagers! You have cheered us every step of the way! We thank you for that!

For the "haters", don't worry we love you too! So much in fact, we thought we would give you a shoutout and spotlight some of your comments. Life is all about a good laugh and secretly we know, you will be shopping Minneschlagen.com this holiday season! Schlag On Fellow Schlagers! 

"I have a detached garage I’m building if anyone needs practice hitting those nails.  Don’t worry.  I’ll make it easier by giving you much bigger nails and a much bigger hammer..." Josh C

"Dang. I've been hammering nails into tree stumps for years. Who knew it was a game?" Gary S

"Honestly I don't get why this would even be a game is kind of stupid and makes me think people are just running out of ideas" Cassie J

"Fun for City slicker Urbanites. Reminds me I need to take down five of my Norfolk trees before the next hurricane. Yeah…I know Minneschlagen…Schlag On!! 😂" Craig W

"Total stupidity." Joe W

"This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I hope you make a million dollars." Matt H

"Are you serious that some people are dumb enough to buy a hammer, nails and a piece of wood for that. There is a new one born every day I guess." Dave L

"This has to be a joke." Chris S

"Ratings: commercial=9/10, fun game=2/10, value @$125= 0/10" Daryl D

"I got a pet rock, an invisible dog on a leash and air from Mt. St.Helens for sale!!!" Frank G

"So, what happens after you hit the nail into the piece of wood?" Patrick V 

"Step aside Pet Rock, there’s a new fad in town!"  Mark M

"I used to play this game hand nailing plywood all day. Where is the fun part?" John B

"$125 for a little hammer, a bag of nails and a slice of stump? Y’all are nuts!" Neil M

"Whoever pays for this is an idiot! You can make this for the price of nails, most everyone already has a hammer! And $125 is a ripoff." Dan B

The End.

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Couldn’t help but read this great post. Thank you for embracing the doubters and listing out their hilarious comments. Schlag on!

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