Summer Schlagin’ For All!

We have all visited the pump or grocery store and thought, ”Holy Schmokes! Where did the money go?”

We at Minneschlagen are no different! We brainstormed how we can help with the burden in some creative ways. We know we are a premium hand made product at a higher price point than many backyard games on the market. With the price spikes everywhere (us included due to costs of materials + production), we want everyone to have the opportunity to play our games! Here is our solution: introducing the inaugural Minneschlagen or Scharts Traveling set, here is how it works:

On our social platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), we will be asking you to tell us what your “BIG SUMMER EVENT” is. We will then choose a lucky person, family, bachelorette, bachelor, father, mother, etc. hosting a backyard BBQ, family reunion, bachelor party, summer olympics, etc. to send a traveling Minneschlagen or Scharts set to. What is a traveling set? Well we are glad you asked!  A traveling set is a set we send to you in time for your big summer event, and after your event you pass it on to a friend, co-worker, family member etc, then they pass it on to the next lucky schlager! There are 12 weeks left of summer, so we are hoping the traveling set reaches 6-10 groups of people, the final group gets to keep it!

In addition, we will be having a Summer Schlag sale for all of June on, see discounted price shown at checkout!

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