How to Play Minneschlagen



Be the first player to tap their nail into the log so that the head is flush with the wood. 


Place the carrying case on a sturdy surface. After opening the case, you may have noticed that the hinges separate - cool, huh? The lid can be completely removed so players can comfortably gather ‘round to play!
Each player gets one nail. Use the head of the hammer to tap each player’s nail into the log in front of them, just enough so the nail doesn’t wiggle.
All nails should be even when the game starts. Don’t measure; just eyeball it.


The oldest and wisest player begins the game.
Using only your dominant hand, hold the hammer handle toward the end to avoid hitting your hand on the log (or the case). That’s right, this is a one handed game.
Place the head of the hammer on the log next to your nail.
When you’re ready, lift the hammer and hit your nail. You only get one hit per round so make it count!  If you don’t make contact with the nail, that still counts as your turn. You’ll get ‘er next round!
Tip: to avoid bending your nail due to imperfect aim, don’t try to crush it - just make contact. 
Pass the hammer to the player on your left and take turns until someone’s nail head is flush with the wood.  We know someone will challenge your win so slide the hammer back and forth over the nail.  If it doesn’t catch, consider yourself the champion!
You can continue to play until all players’ nails are flush with the wood, or pound all the nails in and start again!


Did you bend your nail? That’s okay, just use your next turn to straighten it out. Ohh, you can’t straighten it? Pull it out, grab a new one, start over.
Did you hit your nail out of the log? It happens, but you have to use the next turn to tap it back into the log and start again from the beginning.


You are using a hammer and nails. Please play responsibly.