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What is Minneschlagen? Minneschlagen is two words combined, Minne which represents Minnesota and Schlagen which has German origin meaning to hit. So Minneschlagen is "hitters" playing a fun game with a hammer, nails and a schlag (log). The Minneschlagen Team loves schlaging with fellow schlagers. They also use "sch" however they can. Schlag on fellow schlagers!



A part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off to be used for the greatest games on earth, defined as Minneschlagen and SCHARTS!

"schlag on, fellow schlager!” "Look at that schlag!”



An elite human being who has the fever, a fever that is sweeping the nation! Not Covid19, but the latest craze of Minneschlagen and SCHARTS! ⁠

"Look at those Schlagers, they are having the time of their life!"



The satisfying feeling of making solid contact with the nail.


/ min-ee-schläɡin, min-ee-schlôɡin /

1. A portable hammer and nail game.

2. The combination of Minnesota and the word schlagen, which has German origin meaning to hit.

⁠ 3. Think of the most fun you have ever had... Now multiply that by 100, that is Minneschlagen!


/ schärts /

1. The combination of Schlag and darts, a common bar game. Schlag + Darts = SCHARTS!

2. Portable dart & Schlag game.

3. This could go many different directions, we will schtick with definitions 1 and 2...